An anodized aluminum product can be used once the clear finish is in place, or colour can be added.

For colourizing, the product is moved to another bath that contains organic dyes, similar to those used in the food industry. The dye fills in the microscopic "straws" that were created in the anodizing process. The length of exposure to the dyes in the bath determines the depth or intensity of the colour. For example, blue will eventually become black if left for the appropriate amount of time.

After colourization, the product's new finish is sealed in a hot water and chemical process, passing through multiple steps between at 70 to 97 degrees Celsius. This closes in the honeycomb of straws created during the anodization process to lock in the colour for long life.

At KAMAKHAYA ANODIZE & COATING we mainly anodize and colour coated to JINDAL ALUMINIUM LTD. products.

It's Advantages

  • It's a thin coating compared to powders.
  • Extremely durable, hard, abrasion resistant and long lasting. The coating does not peel or chip. Much harder surface than powders.
  • Lasts indefinitely.
  • Environmentally friendly finish. Can easily be recycled.
  • Inexpensive compared to powder coating.
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